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Psychosound Productions is professional music production company dedicated to music composition, orchestration and sound design for film, TV and video game, and artists production, which include songwriting, arrangements and more.

Based in Valencia, Spain, Psychosound Production founder, Fabien Aubry, is a composer, producer, pianist and guitarist, who has been active in the music industry for more than 20 years. He graduated in Contemporary Writing and Production from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA and is now Professor of music production and contemporary music arrangements at Berklee-Valencia.

Fabien began his musical career in Geneva, Switzerland as an arranger and producer, writing and sequencing music for authors, composers and music ensembles. Meanwhile, he began to write and produce his own compositions by mixing many different musical styles such as jazz-fusion, latin-jazz, metal, hip-hop and other genres.

He graduated from Berklee, having studied arranging, orchestration, music production, orchestral MIDI mockup creation and music for film and video games. He then almost immediately started his professional experience in Boston and had the opportunity to arrange orchestral pieces for the American latin-jazz artist Poncho Sanchez and also for a musical project performed by the Boston Chamber Orchestra conducted by Yohei Sato. Some other works included, arrangements and orchestrations for various composers, artists and producers such as Bernardo Hernandez, Ricardo Monzon, Andrea Pejrolo and other artists.

More recent clients and projects include productions, arrangements and hip-hop beats creation for artists based in Paris such as: Mask2fer, Karim Camara and the French lyricist Jean-Pierre Loubinoux as featured in his last album “Rêver”. Fabien also composed work for the Planetarium Show in the Hemispheric, City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia and a jazz-fusion album composed and produced in collaboration with guitarist Alessandro Giglioli, and recorded in the professional studio at Berklee-Valencia.

Past Projects

Mask2fer - Préliminaires

Hip-Hop Album Arrangement and Production:

Co-composition by Maks2fer, Jonathan Joubert and Fabien Aubry
Arrangement and Production by Fabien Aubry
Rap and Lyrics by Mask2fer



"My encounter with Fabien changed my conception of music. His technical vision of music and his musical expertise allowed me to produce a quality album that exceeded all my expectations. He knew how to hear and reproduce the melodies that sounded in my head. He is open to experimentation and fast in execution. I hope we will work together again in a near future, because he is a guarantee of satisfaction and quality."

Ernesto Alonso - Fallen Leaves

Singer, Songwriter Song Arrangement:

Composition by Ernesto Alonso
Production by Pablo Schuller
Arrangement by Fabien Aubry
Vocal and Lyrics by Ernesto Alonso

Jean-Pierre Loubinoux - Rêver

Songwriter Album Arrangement and Production:

Co-composition by Jonathan Joubert and Rhim Zerguine
Arrangement and Production by Fabien Aubry
Vocal by Rhim Zerguine
Lyrics by Jean-Pierre Loubinoux

Karim Camara - A Nue

Singer, Songwriter and Artist Song Arrangement and Production:

Co-composition by Laetitia Authié and Fabien Aubry
Arrangement and Production by Fabien Aubry
Vocal and Lyrics by Karim Camara


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